Credits | Films

  • A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III – Directed by Roman Coppola and starring Charlie Sheen.  2012
  • Beginners – Directed by Mike Mills. Starring Ewan McGregor & Christopher Plummer. Score in collaboration with David Palmer and Brian Reitzell. 2011.
  • Tanner Hall – Directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg & Francesca Gregorini. Starring Rooney Mara. 2011.
  • Scar – 3D horror thriller, directed by Jed Weintrob. 2007.
  • Take – Directed by Charles Oliver.  Starring Jeremy Renner. 2007.
  • Griffin & Phoenix – Directed by Ed Stone. 
Starring Dermott Mulroney & Amanda Peet. 2006.
  • The Killer Within – Directed by Macky Alston. Original score 
recorded by The Kronos Quartet. 2006.
  • The F Word – Political mockumentary by Jed Weintrob. 2005.
  • On_Line – Feature film directed by Jed Weintrob. 2003.
  • The Lone Ranger – MOW produced by Suzanne Daniels, Stacy Title 
& Jonathan Penner for WB-TV. 2002.
  • C. Q. – Score collaboration with Mellow for Roman Coppola’s 
groovy sci-fi feature. 2001.
  • Trixie – Directed by Alan Rudolph. Starring Emily Watson & Nick Nolte. 
Score in collaboration with Mark Isham. 2000.
  • Where the Money Is – A Tony Scott produced feature starring Paul Newman 
and Linda Fiorentino. Score in collaboration with Mark Isham. 2000.
  • other films include: Acts of Betrayal, An American Summer, The Impostor,
 Bury Me In Kern County, Bolt Neck, Legion, Mercenary, The Outsider, 
Savage, The Taxman, Thick & Thin, & Urban Justice.


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